Dealing with Shoddy Car Dealers and Dealerships

Whenever you think about a business that has got a bad rap, often the car dealerships come to mind. This is especially true with the used car dealerships. But why is there so much sneakiness and dishonesty with the trading of autos? What is it about the buying and selling of vehicles that creates conmen and petty crooks out of otherwise honest law abiding citizens? Over the years, I’ve not found a single car dealership that I can honestly say I trust 100%. A good few years ago, I bought a brand new Ford Sierra XR4 from a local dealer. After it had been in for its first service, I hadn’t been driving around for more than half a day when the red oil warning light came on. Alarmed by this, I immediately drove it back to the service center. The mechanic on duty checked the oil dip stick and nothing registered. I could see by the look on his face that someone had made a blunder. “Do you know anything about cars sir”, he asked without making any kind of eye contact. “Not much on the mechanical side of things”, I replied. He then went on to explain that new cars of this type use a lot of oil in the early days of running-in, and if I’d just like to take a seat, they’ll get me topped up and back on the road in no time at all.

He must have thought I was born yesterday. It was obvious what had happened. They had drained the oil out in preparation for an oil change and then someone somehow, had forgot to replace the oil and the car was passed back to me as serviced. Okay, so this incident was caught before any harm real was done, but the point I’m trying to make is that car dealerships, be they used, new, or both, seem to have an inability to be honest with the customer. When my son bought his first ever car from a private seller(an Austin Mini Cooper S 1000), he was assured by the nice gentleman that sold it to him that it was a much loved and well maintained motor. He went on to say that his daughter was very sad to see it go, but she needed to raise some cash for studies. After 2 days, the brakes failed and 3 brake pipe replacements were necessary. The boy was lucky he didn’t get killed. A few weeks after that he loaded the little boot with a heavy suitcase as he prepared to go on a weekend trip and it fell through the rotted floor which was covered up with thick metallic paint and carpet. Of course, we went back and complained to the man who promptly told us to sod off as the motor was sold-as-seen, and we have therefore no rights for redress.

The above are just a couple of incidences within our family, but just about everyone I know has a horror story of some kind regarding the purchase of a new or used motor. I’m not saying that all care dealerships are crooked, but I do believe that even the best of the best exaggerate the good points and downgrade the bad. It seems to be the nature of the business. The internet has given them a bit of a slap in the face now though as folks are no longer restricted to just their local car dealerships. Competition is always healthy for the consumer. But perhaps one of the best tools the internet has provided for those looking for new automobiles, is ‘real’ reviews by customers on both car dealerships and cars. My tip for anyone looking to buy for the first time or exchange their existing motor, is to start shopping around long before you make your next purchase. Get a feel for prices nationwide, check out any extras, and try to find reviews on the sales and after sales service of the traders. They will always tell you that their offer is the sweetest deal going but with the Information Super Highway at our finger tips, we now know better.

Wheel skins Customize the BMW Mini Steering Wheel Inexpensively

Since the Mini was introduced, owners have been customizing their special car. The fastest way to change the look of the interior is to stylize the steering wheel. These Mini cars are often painted in bright colors. A Wheelskins Euro Tone, 2 color, steering wheel cover is the perfect way to complement the Mini color designs. Installing a Wheelskins wheel cover is also the most inexpensive and effective way to give your interior that sporty, race inspired look. For many years, a large number of aftermarket parts manufacturers have offered custom steering wheel replacements for the Mini. These replacement wheels are generally of high quality and can enhance the look of your interior. They are, however, usually expensive and require special tools and serious mechanical skills in order to install. Adding a Euro Tone, 2 color, leather steering wheel waterproof car cover, however, is the perfect way to make your steering wheel the focal point in the seating area without the expense, tools, and knowledge needed to install a whole new wheel.

The Wheelskins Euro tone, 2 color, leather steering wheel cover is an inexpensive way to add that racy look to your Mini cockpit. You can design a Wheelskins cover to meet your own preferences and needs. The leather panels that you select can be one color, or you can select the sportier two-color combination. You can choose to have all or some of the panels styled in the Europerf style. Let your imagination work to create the perfect look and texture for your vehicle’s interior. You can select panels perforated on the top and bottom, the sides, or all around the cover. You decide! Since 1977, Wheelskins has established a proven record of quality manufacturing of leather automotive accessories. Wheelskins are always made from the top or softest cut from domestic hydes. This gives you not only very supple leather, but also leather that is extremely durable. Absolutely the best dyes are used to ensure not only great colors, but also, extended life. Wheelskins can be custom ordered to fit not only the BMW Mini, but also all the original Mini Cooper models. When you are planning the style and look of your interior, remember that Wheelskins makes a kicking leather shift boot cover. Shift boots can be designed to either coordinate with or match your steering wheel cover. You can really pick up the look of your Mini with a Euro Tone, 2 color, steering wheel cover and a matching 2 color shift boot cover.

Interior Upgrades for Your MINI

Putting your MINI Cooper in style with exterior upgrades is just the first step in keeping your car in contemporary shape for future years. The interior of your MINI is just as important as the exterior and maybe a bit more so because of the amount of time you and your riders spend surrounded by the expert engineering of comfort and reliability the MINI has to offer. There are hundreds of interior improvements that you can make. Let’s take a look at three popular choices that will advance the notion that your MINI is up-to-date. Choosing interior upgrades for your MINI begins with the selection of a well-designed and attractive dash trim. Great accessories that will help reflect the racetrack personality of the MINI is a carbon fiber hand-finished dashboard trim. This ebony colored trim offers an air of subtle elegance along with a feeling of adventure and speed. For those who remain young at heart, there is a rally sport dash trim in checkered design that implies rally speed and handling. This upgrade in interior design maintains the value of your MINI for many years to come. One inexpensive way to update your MINI’s interior is with logo embossed floor mats. These come in three colors: Beige, Black, and Grey. A distinctive circular pattern, MINI logo, and vertical grids funnel and retain moisture to improve footing, especially in mud and snow. Each set provides a perfect combination of function and style.

One further way that the MINI owner can upgrade the interior of their car is to install new, quality seat covers that are not only fashionable but protect the original leather or fabric. According to many web sites, this seat Armor Covering is unlike anything that exists in the market today. This interior accessory will help protect the upholstery from any damage that may occur from busy lifestyle uses. The seat cover is made of 100 percent cotton/terry velour and is designed to adjust to the form and the seat and headrest, helping protect the upholstery from any stains. There are hundreds of other accessories to choose from. Interior chrome molding to floor and cargo mats that protect your MINI from age and wear offer accoutrements that define style, luxury, and functionality in today’s hustle and bustle of daily activities. Experts say that maintaining your automobile is one way to keep the value of your MINI high for resale or trade in. Most people never want to give up their MINI once they have experienced the thrill it provides but keeping it in excellent shape is a terrific appeal to buyers if you ever do decide to sell it.

What Accessories Can You Get From Your Mini Dealers and Other Stockiest?

If you’ve got your hands on a Mini Cooper, you might want to take a look at what accessories you can get to both enhance your motor and your person – in order to profess your fondness of your vehicle. Accessories for this car are made by a wide range of manufacturers, so you know when you leave your Mini dealers there are plenty of places to get hold of caps, t-shirts, floor mats or mirrors. The list of fun items simply goes on forever. Having driven out of your Mini dealers perhaps you’d like to enhance the interior of your mini with some carbon fiber trims, so that your car looks as quick inside as it does outside. Maybe you’re looking for a way to organize your boot space – why not try a Boot Box, specially designed to fit in your boot and offer separate compartments. Often these boxes come decorated in a choice of designs – including the classic Union Jack of course. They are also flush with the rear storage space when the rear seats are down. If you’re looking for something more versatile, why not try a folding boot box? In terms of ensuring your upholstery remains in good order, you have a range of covers from various manufacturers which to the job admirably. Protective rear seat covers, boot protection mats. For those who really intend on getting messy, you could think about getting some Neoprene seat covers. These great inventions are easily fitted and repel everything from mud to cranberry juice – so you can really get the most out of your Mini as soon as you leave the Mini dealers. If you want to remove seating rather than protect it, you could try a Rear Seat Delete kit, which provides all you need to utilize the back of your Mini, creating a seamless space. This useful item can remove around 36 pounds from your car.

For those looking to enhance the speedy look of their motor after leaving their Mini dealers, a rear spoiler can be just the ticket. There are lots of these available – a good one should hug the curves of your Mini and still allow the third break light to be visible. For the front of your car you might try a carbon fiber lip spoiler, adding a little extra sportiness to your vehicle. Mini dealers might not stock all of these exciting items, but they are available UK-wide. These include an exciting range of badges and emblems to decorate your car or your home with, professing your love for this iconic car. You might go for a bold windshield banner, or you might require a replacement factory badge if you’ve been in a bump or a scrape. If you can’t find a spot to put a badge you can opt for a badge holder, so you can display your allegiance to certain clubs. If you’re concerned about how much fresh air is circulating in your engine compartment you might opt for a cowl vent scoop, which also adds to the look of your car. Various other hood-scoops are also available to improve the motor’s air intake. If you haven’t got any of these fun accessories when you drive out of your Mini dealers, there are a multitude of suppliers both online and on the high street.